The International Instant Business Plan Book: 12 Quick-And-Easy Steps to a Profitable Business

Amazon: “For those hoping to start or those who run small businesses, the need to have a business plan has become a given. A written plan attracts potential investors and serves as a road map for the business owner. With their title, the authors of this guide target those who may be intimidated by the prospect of preparing such a document. However, counselors of would-be small businesspersons often argue that those unwilling to take the time necessary to put together a thorough plan are unlikely later to take the time necessary to devote to their business. In spite of their title, however, what Berle and Kirschner offer is not an instant plan but a useful template to assist those unfamiliar with the structure and format of business plans. In recognition of the fact that even small businesses must “think globally,” the authors have appended thumbnail sketches of the business climates in 34 countries throughout the world to their earlier The Instant Business Plan Book.”

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