Real Business:

Serial Entrepreneur

Description: Displays a compulsion to start, build and sell on successful businesses.
Profile: Visionary. Highly driven but easily bored. Concentrates in short, intense bursts.
Fits: Peter Wilkinson, Chris Gorman, Peter Wharton.

Parallel Entrepreneur

Description:Gets a buzz from starting and running a string of ventures simultaneously.
Profile: Restless. Enjoys bringing ideas to life but less keen on the daily grind of running a business.
Fits: Sir Terence Conran, the Barclay Brothers.

Portfolio Or Strategic Entrepreneur

Description: Starts a string of ventures, which often fit an overall business vision.
Profile: Empire-builder. Constantly searching for new opportunities to build a brand, often by encouraging a personality cult.
Fits: Sir Richard Branson, Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Simon Woodroffe.

Turnaround Entrepreneur

Description: Amasses wealth by buying, reshaping and selling ongoing businesses
Profile:Trader. Prefers systems and detail to the big picture. Talents lie in cutting back unwieldy ventures instead of growing them.
Fits: Philip Green, Jon Moulton.

Professional Entrepreneur

Description: Helps fund and manage a stable of start-ups until they are established.
Profile: Player-manager. Often former serial entrepreneurs. These days they prefer to guide others by using their own money and expertise.
Fits: Hermann Hauser, Chris Ingram, Sir Chris Evans.

Artisan Entrepreneur

Description: Spots and satisfies demand for practical consumer products.
Profile: Serial inventor. Often takes them years to achieve a commercial breakthrough but then revered by a grateful nation.
Fits: James Dyson, Trevor Baylis.

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