So what if you have two widely disparate passions? Olga Watkins combined her vocal talents with her cooking skills to become the singing chef. USA Today has the story:

Several years ago she started a catering service that kept her busy, but she wanted to be something more than just another catering company. Olga told me she noticed that when she sang while cooking and preparing for her clients she would find herself in what athletes call “the zone.”

With a little bit of thinking and a whole lot of creative energy Olga launched the business of her dreams that pulled together both vocations she loved — singing and cooking. Thus was born the idea of a Singing Chef.

Olga found that to be successful she had to find the market that would appreciate and benefit from her culinary skills as well as her professionally trained voice.

Her answer to her marketing needs came one Saturday as she was strolling through a commercial district with specialty food stores and noticed that a specialty cookware store had a chef doing a cooking demonstration in the window. Olga stopped into the store and discovered that it often invited guest chefs to come on Saturdays to do cooking demos to help generate traffic. Olga quickly offered her services to be a guest chef for the next Saturday. Olga took the opportunity to suggest that she believed that their business would increase if they allowed her to bring a keyboardist to play while she sang and cooked. On the day of Olga’s Singing Chef presentation the specialty show not only sold plenty of cookware but the adjoining food store’s sales went up.

That event launched the Singing Chef in a big way. Olga started to get bookings from other specialty food stores as a guest chef and attention getter to increase their business. She has been asked also to do a television commercial for a specialty food store starring as their Singing Chef and doing a singing/cooking demonstration to increase their sales.