Eric Sink’s article, Finding a Product Idea for Your Micro-ISV, is a great read for any aspiring entrepreneur, even one who doesn’t know that a Micro ISV is a a one person, independent software company.

If you find that your brain isn’t generating enough ideas, perhaps you need something to spark your creativity a bit. In other words, to get more outputs, you need more inputs. You need something to get you thinking about things you don’t usually think about. You need to get yourself out of your usual routine.

Grab your notebook and go to the mall. Walk around and look. Ignore the 17-year-olds with low-rise jeans. Focus on the stores and the products they have for sale. Think about the people that buy those products. Do they have a computer? What kinds of problems might be solved with that computer?

Repeat the above exercise, only this time, instead of walking through a mall, take a virtual walk through the yellow pages section of your phone book. Think about all the companies you see. What software could make it easier for these companies to function?

These walks are simply a way of sparking some different thinking. You’ll see everything from eyeglasses to pretzels to lawnmowers. Who knows what ideas might come to your mind? Don’t forget to write them all down.