The Burger King Corporation uses over 50 years of experience as it moves proudly into the future. As a brand, their company has never been stronger. Whether it’s their Executive Team or each individual employee across thousands of locations, they strive to serve their customers consistently.

What started with one restaurant in Miami in 1954 has grown to more than 11,220 restaurants in 61 countries worldwide. And they’re still growing.

Burger King offers an extensive menu including Whoppers Sandwiches, fire-grilled burgers, chicken and fish, salads, breakfast, treats, side and beverages and a kids menu.

When you open your business under the BURGER KING® trademark, customers will come expecting you to deliver the great BURGER KING® experience they have learned to love. Joining the BURGER KING® system grants you access to experienced BURGER KING® professionals who have but one goal in mind: building the brand by building your business. Support includes training in management, technical, marketing and operation; site selection with comprehensive guidelines, market analysis, site evaluation techniques, and a field-based real estate team; marketing with $300+ million annual marketing program, local and national campaigns and customized marketing plans; restaurant operations including on-site training and guidance, purchased economies and quality assurance programs.

Contact Information

Burger King Corp.

PO Box 020783

Miami, FL 33157

Phone: (305) 378-7579

Fax: (305) 378-7721

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