Jason Fried:

Working with the right clients is absolutely critical. The trick is knowing when to say no. The wrong client can kill morale, force good employees out, and cost you big opportunities. Working with the right client isn’t work at all — it’s a pleasure.

Saying Yes or No to a client is a business decision just like any other business decision you have to make. Should we rent this space or that space? Should we buy this computer or that computer? Should we host on a virtual server or a dedicated server? Should I hire this person or not?

And that last point is critical: Should I hire this person or not? Just replace person with client and you’ll start to see the connection. Even though a client is really hiring you, in many ways you’re hiring them right back. You have to work with them. In many ways your future is tied to their performance. The relationship is tighter than you may think.

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