Ron Ameln:

Johnson purchased a Breadsmith franchise in 1998. Breadsmith is an upscale bakery chain specializing in crusty, European-style artisan breads baked fresh each day using all-natural ingredients. The business, located in Warson Woods, services retail and commercial clients with a variety of baked goods, including soft-crusted and specialty breads, cookies, muffins and sweets.

“Buying a franchise was the best thing for me,” Johnson said of his decision to purchase a franchise as opposed to starting a business from scratch. “I knew my skills. I was good at operating things and executing business plans. Coming up with an idea and taking it from the ground up was not something I was good at. I don’t have much of a creative side.

“I thought it would be worth the money to buy something that was already working. I wanted to find something with a proven track record.”

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