Rosa Say posted an excellent local marketing idea today: Set yourself up in a local Starbucks or other business friendly coffee shop and and buy everyone coffee for an hour. She witnessed this idea in action and reports:

Morning Brew by powerbooktrance This morning Kerwin and I walked into a Prescott Starbucks and both ordered their strong-brew coffee of the day to then find it was free. The barista at the cash register motioned over to a gentleman sitting in an animated discussion with a group of about six others, and said, “Your coffee is on Mr. Perez this morning.”

As Kerwin stirred cream and sugar into his coffee, we read a poster on the wall right above the condiment station with a picture of Mr. Perez’s smiling face explaining that every Wednesday morning from 8:30am-9:30am he buys coffee at that Starbucks for all his customers and anyone else who wants to talk story with him about investment banking and Prescott’s promising future.

Why offer free coffee in your office waiting room, when you can use Starbucks? This Starbucks in Prescott is clearly a happening place, and one of those coffee shop locations where there is unlimited parking and lots of café table seating available inside…

For those of you that own coffee shops, this could actually be a profit center. What if you could find twenty local businesspeople to sponsor an hour of coffee per month in exchange for the opportunity to network and prospect?

via Eric Mattson.

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