Jared Cosulich:

When I was in high school, though, I sold knives door to door for a company called Vector Marketing Corporation that sold Cutco Knives. Despite my dislike for sales in general, I was proud of my position and accelled in it. Why? Well I was proud of what I was selling. I didn’t feel ashamed of selling it. In fact I felt a sort of obligation to sell it. This sense of obligation derived mostly from one encounter I had when I first started selling the knives.

The idea behind Cutco is to take people you know, try to sell them the knives and get referrals to their friends, contact the friends and try to sell them the knives and get more referrals. So one of my first customers was one of my best friends father.

I did the demonstration for him and he decided to buy a set of steak knives, but as he was buying them he noted that the only reason he was buying them was because I was a friend of the family. Well about a month after the purchase I saw him again and he began to thank me repeatedly for selling him the knives because he loved using them so much and wanted to buy some more knives.

I feek like this is a fantastic example about how salespeople and marketers have a duty to try and convince people that your product will make their lives better, unless of course if the product will not, in which case they should’nt be selling it.

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