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From 1952: 125 Ways to Make Money with Your Typewriter.

If you replace “typewriter” with “computer” this sounds like the modern work at home type marketing fluff, but there really are some gems in here:

Regardless of your talents, and whether you live in a small rural hamlet or a widespread metropolitan area, your typewriter is a modern Aladdin’s lamp bringing magical money-making opportunities. There are dozens of pleasant, profitable occupations awaiting your performance. Some of them may be worked exclusively at home, while others require some supplementary outside contact. Some are more adaptable to smaller towns, while others may be performed best in larger towns. The typewriter, however, is your inspirational force in initiating, and a basic factor in “putting across,” your enterprise. That little idea which adds a few dollars a month to your income, and eventually earns you a few extra dollars each week, may gradually expand and become the basis for a profitable full-time occupation. Join the thousands now using the typewriter for its extra money opportunities.

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