This evening Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin companies, will be speaking at the American Express OPEN Adventures in Entrepreneurship Conference in Miami, Florida:

OPEN Adventures in Entrepreneurship is an offline/online investigation into the challenges and solutions confronting entrepreneurs as they strive to develop and grow their businesses. The event begins in Miami, with a discussion led by Sir Richard Branson and sponsored by OPEN, intended to emphasize the importance of innovation and inspiration as key ingredients in successful Entrepreneurship.

Richard Branson

The event will then continue online for three additional days in the form of a small business blog event. The hope is that the discussion sparked by the offline event will continue and develop in the online space, reaching and impacting many more participants beyond the initial in-person gathering.

I’ve been hired, with two other veteran business bloggers (Anita Cambell of Small Business Trends, and Rob May of BusinessPundit) to be a part of the online blogging event.

During the live portion of the conference, Sir Richard Branson will be interviewed by Jane Pauley, in Miami, Florida. Both Anita and Rob are there and are hoping to be able to ask him a question. Earlier this week, Anita and Rob queried their readers for input.

Following the live event, the three of us will spend the rest of the week responding to Branson’s talk and writing about a variety of entrepreneurship topics relevant to the theme of the event. Clay Shirky, a professor and blogging pioneer, will be serving as our moderator for the online discussion.

While the online conference is in progress, you’ll see the following disclaimers at the bottom of relevant posts:

“The opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of American Express. If you post on the blogs, be aware that any personal information you post will be viewable by anybody reading the blogs.”

“The facilitator and bloggers for this event have been compensated for their time by OPEN from American Express.”

Although I am being compensated for my blogging, the opinions expressed are my own, and are not being influenced by American Express.

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