This blog is part of a greater network of business opportunities blogs. Here are some posts that I find interesting from around the network. Enjoy!

Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities Weblog:

Four years ago yesterday I made the first post to the Business Opportunities Weblog. Today, this weblog contains 4260 posts and the network it spawned now consists of six blogs, including: Ask, Brazil, Español, Franchise, MLM, and Work At Home.

If you think the site’s name is long now, when I started the four years ago, I called it “The Moderated Listed of Legitimated Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs.â€?

The next blog is a really cool concept and yes, I wish I thought of it. ASK, solicits questions from readers and allows other readers to answer them!

Ask the Business Opportunities Blog: Ideas for a first Business

I have only read Chuck Huckaby‘s writing for about two months, but I can sincerely say that he gets it. Chuck removes the hype and gibberish from the topic of working at home.

Work At Home Business Opportunities:

What’s More Important – Technical Skill or Marketing?

Actually BOTH are important.

And either can be “outsourcedâ€?.

What normally happens is that someone with a talent, skill, or ability “opens shopâ€? and assumes that their mastery of that field will automatically guarantee customers.

Perhaps so, perhaps not.