SoloTees, our t-shirt company, has interviewed the idea man Dan Sherman. As always, Dan has a ton of great insights and ideas:

Solo: What is your motivation for being an Entrepreneur?

Dan Sherman: I’m a big believer in ownership of your livelihood. If you’re working for a paycheck, in most cases, you don’t own your livelihood. Someone else does. They just pay you to assist them in building their ownership. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. Many people don’t have the stomach to own their own livelihood. It’s definitely not for everyone. Nor should it be, necessarily, since much of what makes our society work requires non-ownership workers. That’s why it takes a certain kind of personality to become an entrepreneur.

Solo: What’s your favorite Solo Tees shirt?

Dan Sherman: My Real Job Starts at 5pm Only because this was my mantra for my entire life before I quit to be a full time entrepreneur.