A great company begins with a great host experience. It’s not the plan you have on paper that matters most, it’s what happens in the home. First, you have to provide high quality products to your customer at a competitive price. Second, you have to provide a large assortment of new and exciting products each year. If the host finds it easy to invite guests, the Consultant finds it easy to book parties, make sales and sponsor new Consultants.

A great company thrives with a competitive compensation plan. Our plan provides an outstanding retailing opportunity for those that simply want to conduct home parties, earn commissions or just have fun. The plan must also recognize and reward those that seek a career path as business builders. Our plan is as simple as our philosophy. No bells or whistles, just a straight forward opportunity to earn what you deserve through your hard work. We believe the sooner a Consultant earns a meaningful income, the sooner the Consultant is committed to the business. We also believe the Consultant needs to be able to sustain and build on that income over time, not ride a monthly income roller coaster. We’re introducing a new concept to a classic compensation model to end this bad ride once and for all. It’s called variable qualification. Everyone knows that the party plan business slows down in the summer and during the month of December. With Taste of Home Entertaining we recognize this and lower all group qualifications during June, July and December. We make it easier to maintain your rank, the percentage you are paid and the check you cash. That’s just one of the innovative characteristics of our Director Power Plus compensation plan.