Don’t be afriad to fail in Network Marketing, but don’t fail for too long without changing something either.

Generic MLM Training:

There is the “fear of failure” and “failure” itself. The purpose of this article is to change your perspective on both, as this may be one of the things that is holding you back from the sales success you deserve.

Your “fear of failure” may stop you from talking to potential clients. Fear is nature’s way of protecting you and it is very normal, the only challenge is that it sometimes manifests when not required. So when you’re about to talk to a potential client and you feel this fear, acknowledge it, thank it, and say that its services are not required at this time! The next step is to move your focus from “fear of failure” to how you can help your potential client. Move your focus from yourself to your potential client.

A negative view of “failure” will not only stop you from talking to potential clients but it will severely influence the outcome of the conversation.