For the 18th time since The American Association of Franchisees & Dealers began surveying the ratio of Super Bowl ads purchased by franchised and non-franchised enterprises, the franchisers continue to dominate – this year by a record margin of 82 to 38. According to AAFD Chairman Robert Purvin, who launched the organization’s Advertising Super Bowl survey 19 years ago, “Super Bowl advertising continues to demonstrate the power of franchising. How else can small business owners afford to share their messages with 72 million households at one time?

ABC Network reportedly charged a record top price of $2.5 million per 30-second spot ($83,000 per second). The higher cost did not seem to blunt advertiser demand as the total number of spots was the highest ever recorded, netting ABC an estimated $221 million dollars. Budweiser led all advertisers with 10 spots spread over three brands and a brewers association.

Yet for a single spot of $2.5 million, the advertising cost for a ubiquitous franchise such as Subway breaks down to just $133 when divided between the 22,745 restaurants in the chain. “The collective marketing power among franchised businesses is formidable,” adds Purvin.