Long Beach, Calif – It’s A Grind Coffee House, the fastest growing specialty coffee franchise in the United States, announced plans to double in size by the end of 2006. This comes after an outstanding year, as sales grew by over 60-percent systemwide. Executives attribute the strong growth to a great concept, quality coffee, and responding to the growing demand for coffee houses that can cater to the individual’s taste.

According to the National Coffee Association’s Annual Trends Study, 2004, 56 percent of Americans age 18 or older are coffee drinkers. Daily specialty coffee consumption increased four percent from 2003 to 2004, which translates into more than 300 million cups of coffee drank in a day. In fact, the average coffee house customer visits a specialty coffee house to get their ‘java fix’ close to 20 times per month.

“It seems that our culture is waking up to a ‘cup ‘o’ joe’ in ways that never could have been predicted a few years ago,” said Marty Cox, owner and founder of It’s A Grind Coffee House.

“Specialty coffee is gaining attention and influence like never before. More and more people are looking for that perfect cup of coffee or that unusual blend. Here, at It’s A Grind, we are able to provide that with a personal touch.”

It doesn’t hurt that the $8.5 billion specialty coffee market is growing at an unprecedented rate. The company is working to keep up with the trend by opening more locations and introducing blends, flavors and new beverages that get the customer exactly what they want. Recently, there has been a high demand for Estate Blends and It’s A Grind is working to bring those to their coffee houses, along with a whole bean promotion. There are also plans to introduce a new featured drink every two months.

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