Evening Times:

FRANCHISING is worth around £10billion in the UK but confusion, even suspicion, surrounds the concept.
Almost half of people considering setting up their own business do not even know what the system is according to one report, despite many who have bought the use of a company’s name, products and goodwill finding it the perfect way to bring success.
Sector veterans Clive and Wendy Aronson run an American Curves fitness centre, aftersetting up four McDonald’s franchises in Glasgow.
Clive, 56, said: “The strength of the brand and the pull of image is a great bonus with taking on a franchise.
“You are tapping into the pedigree of a well established operation.
“We could have set up ‘Clive’s Burger bar’ but I’m sure I would have been bankrupt in months.”
More than 600 businesses, many household names, operate through around 40,000 franchises in Britain.
Johnny Sellyn, managing director of Whichfranchise.com, said: “There is some ignorance about franchises but when people realise the benefit they soon take notice.
“The market isn’t all burgers and fast food – there are driving instructors, nannies, pet food sales. The UK market is worth £9.7bn so it is worth tapping into.
“We operate seminars on franchises in Glasgow and Edinburgh every month and they are almost always full.”
But Mr Sellyn said franchising won’t suit everyone.