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Directory Launches to Connect Prolife Consumers, Businesses Company offers online medium to build prolife network and funding source

Connecting prolife consumers and businesses – that is the purpose of, a new online directory tool launched today by ProlifePages, LLC.

“Prolife America has long needed a mechanism that could help bring them together on the local and national level,” said ProlifePages president, Steve Sanborn. “A great way to begin that process is by focusing on what we already do as consumers and product and service providers,”

Sanborn says the web directory is starting with the simple “Let’s Connect” concept – and a plan to alert the audience (55% of the nation), achieve consistent exposure and collect modest annual fees for business listings.

“The vision is simple,” says Sanborn. “It’s someone needing new windows for a home, or a new car, or financial advice for investments. These are some of the everyday products and services we all want and need over and over again and connecting with likeminded businesses to get them can make a major difference for prolife efforts.

“ProlifePages offers a beginning for changing how and where prolife consumers look for the products and services they need – and how businesses view the power of the prolife market.”

Sanborn says ProlifePages wants to be the first directory every prolife person uses to find product and service needs. The fact the company turns profits over to prolife charities will likely be good incentive for consumer use.

“We’re starting today,” said Sanborn. “This has been and will be a labor of love, and we need Prolife America to see it that way too. A lot of people are excited about our sales representative opportunities and the potential for the future. The connections are already there, they’re just not all neatly arranged in an accessible online list for the world to see and share. That’s what is for.”

Listed businesses pay a modest annual fee for local and national exposure to markets that Sanborn says are largely made up of prolife consumers.

A particular interest to businesses may be that prolife consumers are often very loyal customers particularly to the like-minded businesses they frequent, often giving referrals to family and friends without any prompting.

The web directory concept has been hailed by many as a positive step in the right direction for prolifers.

“The prolife majority has a tremendous amount of potential,” says Jack Cashill, executive editor of the Midwest business magazine, Ingram’s. “This is a great way to capture that potential and turn it into something defined and effective.”

ProlifePages offers pregnancy centers and other prolife charities different ways to work with the organization. The centers can help promote the site in ways that fit their programs and also raise funds.

Revenue generated by will be distributed via the ProlifePages Charitable Fund to prolife charities, particularly those that counsel expectant mothers, provide or wish to provide ultrasound services and work with adoption.

The company is gaining exposure for the online directory via media outlets, email referrals and a growing national sales force.

“We’re connecting prolife consumers and businesses,” says Sanborn. “There is an inherent value in fine tuning our purchasing habits. Doing this will still bring us what we want and need as consumers, but it will also help to make a big difference for moms and babies in need.”

“Nothing changes for consumers or businesses – we all keep doing what we do every day, just with greater focus. We all need services and products and now there is a comprehensive tool to bring the right people together while helping moms and babies too.”

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