Franchise Direct:

QuikDrop has come up with a unique business concept so stunningly brilliant yet simple, that as Master Franchise opportunities go, this one is a must-read… and a must-have! The purpose of QuikDrop is to act as a local store dedicated to providing a simple, fast and convenient way to sell items and vehicles on eBay. eBay currently has a global customer base of 157 million and its worldwide popularity will continue to grow. Why wait? This could be the best day of your life!QuikDrop works like this: Customers bring in items or vehicles that they would like to sell. Digital photographs are taken. Descriptions are written and an attractive, detailed listing is placed on ebay. QuikDrop tracks the auction, answers questions from prospective buyers, processes payment, packages the item, ships it to the winner when the auction closes and sends the seller a check!We founded the industry! QuikDrop was the first company to franchise the ebay drop off franchise model in 2003. With only 8% of sellers on ebay and 92% buyers, QuikDrop serves the majority of people connected to ebay.

Most people don’t have the time, desire or the feedback rating to properly handle the selling of items on eBay. At QuikDrop we remove all the stress and hassle for the potential seller. Our franchise model allows you to provide quality listings, prompt reply to email questions, payment processing and shipping services. This, combined with a good feedback rating will get your customers the maximum amount possible for their items.

In addition, there are thousands of small and medium sized businesses that regularly have need to re allocate end of life products, slow moving inventory and product returns. We train you to become a business to business (B2B) eBay expert and our proprietary software makes it easy to manage your customer base. As the expert in your town, you have unlimited opportunities for helping your community while marketing your business.