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Love Maine Lobster Claw Game Bizop

By May 23, 2006 November 13th, 2018 5 Comments

One of the greatest things about running this website is that it allows me to constantly be on the lookout for great new business opportunities. I discovered one recently in the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game business opportunity from Marine Ecological Habitats, Inc.

Love Maine Lobster Claw Game

The Love Maine Lobster Claw Game is like nothing you’ve ever seen, but you are undoubtedly familiar with the concept: A claw game is an arcade game in the form of a vending machine. It consists of prizes inside a clear cage with a claw at the ceiling of the cage. The player deposits money into the machine, and then tries to manipulate a joystick that controls the claw for a short period of time. The player is able to move the claw back and forth and sideways, but not up or down. At the end of the time, the claw drops down and attempts to grab the prize below it. The claw then automatically moves over an opening in the corner of the cage and releases whatever it holds. If the player has been successful, the prize the claw is holding is dropped into the opening and dispensed to a hatched box for pickup by the player. In the Love Maine Lobster Claw Game the cage is a professional-grade aquarium, and the prizes are live lobsters!

Players deposit $2 for 30 seconds of lobster wrangling. If they win, they can take the lobster home. If not, well, that’s money in your pocket. The game is perfect for bars, restaurants and convenience stores.

This all cash business is not a franchise, and there are no commissions or ongoing fees. Marine Ecological Habitats, Inc. is offering a turnkey business opportunity:

  • You will receive 10 Love Maine Lobster Claw Games.
  • Their professionals will research, locate and secure retail venues that will give your games the greatest opportunities for success .
  • They will pay the first two weeks of location fees for the games.
  • They will deliver and set up the games at the locations and stock them with quality, live Maine Lobsters, so the games will be ready to play and take in cash.
  • They will supply your games with live Maine lobsters for the first two weeks (240 lobsters).
  • You will receive Love Maine Lobster flags for display and “Claw of Fame” plaques to post pictures of game winners.

Contact Information

Marine Ecological Habitats, Inc.
22 Pearl Street, Biddeford, ME 04005
Sales: 1-866-ME-TANKS (1-866-638-2657)
Fax: 207-284-5119
E-mail: [email protected]

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