There are business travelers, and then there is Bernie Bohl.

Bohl is a commodity futures broker who is also working his way around the country in a spiffy, 40-foot, diesel-powered motor home. All he needs is a computer, a telephone and a speedy Internet connection.

Bohl’s 300 clients don’t need to know where he is. “I get a chance to meet clients I would not have had a chance meet otherwise,” he says. His motto these days: “We go the extra mile; we come to see you.”

It’s good work if you can get it. In the last three years, Bohl and his wife have cut a figure-eight across the U.S.–visiting clients, giving seminars and seeing the sights along the way. Bohl doesn’t make cold calls–all his clients come by referral. He’ll even have clients over to the RV for wine and steaks hot off his outdoor grill.

Photo by Forbes.