Skypecasts are live, moderated conversations allowing groups of up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to talk to one another. The program uses Skype voice over internet software.

Because Skypecasts are moderated by a ‘host’ who can “mute, eject or pass the virtual microphone to participants when they wish to speak” there is no more talking over each other.

Obvious uses are for physical conferences where people cannot attend, yet can still take part in the action. Also, Skypecasts are structured enough to allow for more convential speech type calls, where one speaker can do the majority of the talking, then open up the floor for questions at the end.

Skypecasts are free to set up and participate in, at the moment topics range from “How to sell fashionable accessories on eBay” to Stress Management and weight loss.

A great way to promote your business and yourself.