London Free Press:

Not long after puny Pluto was stripped of its planethood, Janis Robinson started selling $25 “Pluto is a planet” T-shirts on the Internet.

Robinson, who said she “rolled her eyes” after Pluto got the boot, hopes her buyers will send a message that kicking out the far-out rock is downright goofy.

Robinson is hardly alone. Scores of Web-savvy sellers hoping to support — and cash in — on Pluto’s demotion to a “dwarf planet” bombarded the Internet hawking Pluto memorabilia, from T-shirts and mugs to bumper stickers and mouse pads.

On, a San Francisco-area Internet company that prints T-shirts and other merchandise, an explosion of Pluto inventory popped up within 24 hours of the news. By yesterday morning, the site featured 200 designs on more than 1,500 products.

Many items and slogans fretted Pluto’s demise and pined for the return of the nine-planet solar system. T-shirts screamed “Save Pluto” and “Stop planetary discrimination,” while bumper stickers declared, “Pluto 2006: Running as an independent candidate” and “Vote for Pluto.”