On Site Dental NV

International Herald Tribune:

The mobile units are owned by On-Site Dental NV, a Las Vegas company founded seven years ago by Chris Davenport, who is not a dentist, but an entrepreneur. His company’s basic service combines technology, mobility and the American reverence for saving time.

On-Site Dental owns two trailers, each fitted with two dental offices in which dentists and hygienists see about 1,000 patients every Monday through Saturday in the parking lots of 11 casinos in Las Vegas. Most of the patients are employees covered by the casinos’ dental insurance plans, which pay up to 80 percent of the costs of most dentistry.
Entertainment headliners and chorus line troupers, who may have the greatest need for dazzling smiles, are contract employees with their own insurance. No plans pay for cosmetic work, like veneers and tooth capping, which may be needed for the glistening smiles.

All are treated by eight dentists who work with On-Site, but are independent practitioners. Under Nevada law, a nonmedical person cannot employ them. On-Site’s management and leasing companies foot the bill for equipment and mobile units for those dental practices, and are paid rent out of the insurance reimbursements that the dentists take in. – the “collect” as it’s called in the profession.

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