Dave Cheong:

Given a task, there are essentially two ways we can approach it. Either, we can work as hard as we can until it is “doneâ€? or we can fix the amount of time we have available and do the “bestâ€? we can. The latter approach is known as “time boxing“.

Time boxing is about fixing the time we have available to work on a given task and then doing the best we can within that time frame. So instead working on something until it is “doneâ€? in one sitting, we only work on it for say 30 mins. It is either marked as done at the end of this period or we commit to another 30 mins at a later time or another day.

Time boxing is special for four reasons.

Firstly, by consciously being aware of time, it allows us to focus on doing the things that matter most.

Secondly, it serves as a reality check on how much time we spend working on open ended tasks.

Thirdly, because of the fixed time constraints, it can be an effective tool against procrastination.

Finally, it allows us to work on things during the free gaps we have between our commitments and appointments.

Photo by takebo.

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