PRN Wire:

Carbonic International FZCO’s new CLEANVAN™, a full service dry ice blast cleaning facility on wheels, houses competency to deliver a no-fuss and environmentally responsible surface preparation and cleaning service for a multitude of industrial and commercial applications.

At the heart of the unit is Swiss excellence with technology originally developed and kept, for many years, under proprietary wraps by Lockheed Martin of the US. Commercially introduced in the late 80’s, dry ice blasting quickly gained market position as an eco-friendly, safe and cost-effective alternative to sand blasting, bead blasting, soda blasting, and hand scrubbing with hazardous solvents.

Today dry ice blasting has grown to become a vital part of the cleaning process in a significant array of industries throughout the world; Carbonic International FZCO is the 1st company to facilitate and package this technology for broad-based commercial application in the GCC and beyond.

CLEANVAN™ offers the unique attributes of versatility and logistical independence for the user,’ says Dr. Sharokh Engineer, Chairman of the Carbonic International Group. ‘Equipment needed on-site for the job including compressors, generators, air handling units, cryogenic accelerator, hoses and nozzles and sufficient quantities of properly stored dry ice, along with sanitation and safety accessories, are all housed in one mobile unit.’

Sharokh points to Dubai, an environmentally fragile region where Carbonic International has based its manufacturing and development facility, as one of the world’s fastest growing urban centres. The benefits from this environment-friendly cleaning and restoration technology are a watershed development where toxic waste disposal is impossible to handle. ‘Dry ice blast cleaning is safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-conductive, and has institutional approval for industrial and commercial use internationally. We are bringing in proven technology packaged and supported by our company’s specialist competencies. CLEANVAN™ is a 3G mascot for environmentally responsible technology and it will be a statement that we carry forward with us into the 21st century.â€?