Many of the most successful podcasts resemble a cross between a regularly published email newsletter with several interesting articles, a personal blog with a strong individual tone and a radio talk show with must-meet guest stars. So the best qualities are:

* Strong voice – not just the sound but the style
* Steadiness of publication – not a one-off, but a continuing series
* Variety – different guests-stars, different “articles”

According to Rob Walch, co-author of the book, ‘Tricks of the Podcasting Masters’ you should avoid the three most common mistakes:

1. Don’t just read your Web site content or email articles into a microphone. If your fans wanted that, they could go online to see it.

2. You may get a few people to download a podcast that’s a lightly disguised sales pitch once … but chances are none of them will bother to download or listen to the next installment. The best-loved podcasts offer content the listeners find valuable and/or highly entertaining.

3. As with email newsletters or drive-time radio shows, the most successful podcasts build brand impact from listener relationships over time. If you create only one, you may not ever get the audience or impact your podcast deserves.

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