Although your podcast shouldn’t be just ads, you certainly can and should insert house ads and offers.

Four tips on making these work best:

1. Keep advertisements short and in-context. Try to keep ads short — perhaps 10-15 seconds — so it’s not worth the effort to skip over them. Try something like “…speaking of that, why don’t you go to and download our latest 10% off coupon for…”

2. Offer phone and online response devices. You also want Web url calls to action for the 56% of your audience who are listening while at a computer. These also need to be easy-to-spell, vanity URLs that lead to landing pages.

3. Make your ad offers evergreen. Once a podcast is posted online, it may live there for months or years to come. So, ads with specific dated deadlines or offers that won’t be interesting a few weeks from now are a bad idea.

4. Place ads at the middle and end. Don’t start out with an ad right off the bat. Instead, hook the audience with interesting content and then perhaps half-way through run your ad.

Photo by rosemanios.