The Mining Journal:

The siren blared on the ambulance as it pulled into the parking lot. Lights flashed yellow and white. The blue-and-red lettering splashed across the side of the vehicle explained what the emergency was all about.

PC Medic. There’s a computer in need of assistance and Scott Martin knows he’s the right man for the job.

Martin turned his passion into his profession, making himself available for everything from residential repairs to commercial contracts to government-level work.

Though Martin and his three-person staff do all the work, it’s his ambulance that gets all the attention. And why not? It’s not just the company car, it’s the entire office, too.

“I retrofitted the back of the ambulance with the electronics to make it into a repair facility,â€? Martin said. “It is also equipped with a full computer parts inventory, so if you need something replaced we’ll probably have it for you.â€?

The ambulance also boasts a 300-amp power inverter, wireless Internet built right inside, Alltel Wi-Fi connectivity, diagnostic stations with LCD screens and even the company’s server with a station for things like billing and accounts receivable.

Photo by Sam Eggleston.

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