Designed in California and manufactured in India, GoinGreen’s G-Wiz electric cars are a hit in London, where the company has sold over 600 units, making London the electric car capital of the world.

GoinGreen, which was founded in 2004 and has received numerous new business awards, did so purely by word of mouth — without dealers, showrooms, advertising, or sales staff.

The company cuts costs by selling directly to consumers through its online store. No need for showrooms, either. Interested consumers can make an appointment to test-drive a vehicle at one of four locations in and around London.

Besides saving on gas, G-Wiz drivers in London are also exempt from paying the city’s congestion charge of GBP 8 per day and don’t have to pay road tax, either. Some neighbourhoods also offer free parking for electric vehicles. Limited range and speed are hardly an issue in the city, where most trips are short and traffic doesn’t usually allow for speeds over 15 mph. (To see the G-Wiz in action, check out this video.)

Photo by GoinGreen.

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