Janelle Elms at Entrepreneur Magazine:

How would you like to increase the final prices of your online eBay items by as much as 16 percent with the click of one button?

You can: Simply by offering PayPal as a payment option and adding international shipping to your listings, you will connect to a global marketplace of more than 150 countries.

Here are some things to consider when catering to this fast-growing international marketplace.

* Language: If you’re consistently selling certain items to non-English- speaking countries, include the description twice-once in English and once in your buyer’s native language.

* Payments: By accepting PayPal payments from your buyer, you can easily take Canadian dollars, euros, pounds sterling, yen and other currencies.

* Shipping: Use eBay’s International Shipping Calculator to ensure your buyers have a clear understanding of the total shipping costs.

Photo by lusi.