Chuck Huckaby, one of the Business Opportunities Weblog bloggers, is doing something that I think is really fantastic. He’s trying to get used copies of various business books donated to his local prison’s library so that the inmates can start thinking like entrepreneurs less like criminals:

When I got back from the prison today, they had been very appreciative of my time and the fact that Tom Spinks of Millionaire Blueprints had been sending his magazine to their library.

One of the realities these men face due to their own stupid and evil choices that got them there is that it’s hard to find work in some situations.

Many would like to own a business but have no clue how to think like a business person instead of a crook.

I wonder if you could help me put a couple copies each of the following books in the prison library?

I would really appreciate it if you could help, by doing one of the following:

  1. Purchasing and sending a favorites used business book via Amazon to:
    Pre Release Program
    South Central Correctional Facility
    P.O. Box 279
    Clifton, TN 38425-0279
  2. Digging it to help spread the word
  3. If you’re a blogger, can you please link to his post and ask your readers to help?

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