The gaudy fleece pants that Rachel Anderson sewed for her grandson have been transformed into a rapidly growing business.

Rachel Anderson died last year at 88, leaving behind much more than a grieving family and a small army of friends. She also left an uncommon legacy in the form of a thriving business built on the brightly colored, wildly patterned fleece pants she once made for her grandson, Erik Anderson.

“Grandma Pants” they were called by Erik’s classmates and hockey teammates, who coveted the gaudy pants.

When he couldn’t find a job after graduating university, grandson Erik borrowed $10,000 from his father and started Grandma Pants Inc. to manufacture the britches.

The results since then have been nothing short of spectacular: Wholesale orders from other kiosk operators around the country helped push sales to $535,000 in fiscal 2005 ended Oct. 31. And by the end of May, revenue topped $400,000 — which is when some real sales momentum began to build.

Photo by Grandma Pants.

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