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AuctionBytes conducted an online survey of readers in September 2006. A total of 1225 people completed the survey.

There are tremendous challenges and opportunities for sellers who want to sell independently. 46% of respondents do not have their own ecommerce site or storefront, and when asked where they sell now and where they will sell in 6 months, there was no change in the number of people who sell on ecommerce-enabled websites.

A significant percentage of respondents who currently sell on a particular auction site say they will not be selling on that auction site in 6 months, and this cuts across most online auction sites, including eBay.

There does seem to be special concern by eBay, since, unlike other auction sites, there is no net gain due to new users. Since the data reflects respondents’ intentions, not actions, the data could reflect a temporary malaise among online auction sellers.

For complete details and charts from the survey, visit the Auctionbytes web site.

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