Scott Baradell at MarketingProfs:Daily Fix:

In the world of promotions, you know you’ve come up with some good chachka if the client prospect you ship it to keeps it for the next seven years.

Back in 1999, when I was VP of corporate communications for a company called PageNet, I was sent a coffee mug by Maddock Douglas, a Chicago ad and design firm that wanted to do business with us.

Mike Maddock has given me permission to post the copy from the mug, which provides “101 Ways to Brew Up a Great Idea.” Hope you find it as inspiring as I have — again and again — on sleepy-eyed mornings.

1. Take a warm bath.
2. Go for a drive with the windows open.
3. Order Chinese food and eat it with chopsticks.
4. Call a random phone number – ask a stranger.
5. Ask a child.
6. Create an idea that would get you fired.
7. Paint your bedroom.
8. Consult tarot cards.
9. Gargle.
10. Play football.

For 91 more ways, go here.

Photo by Waldo.