Di Ana Ford’s mission is to keep women pampered, healthy and in business. She started out her first home business, a direct-sales home party business that hosts at-home spa parties for women.

In the course of researching products for her parties Ford stuck to solely women-owned, women-made products.

Many of the women had lip products to sell, but Ford said that they didn’t work for an at-home party where women are sampling products. “You can’t be passing around and trying on lipstick,” she said.

But one night as she lay in bed, inspiration struck. Why not set up an online “lip boutique” highlighting all the lip glosses, gels, butters and balms that she had come across in the spa business?

From that night of insomnia, Ooh La Lips began to take shape. The site is currently selling products from some ten vendors. All of the vendors are women-owned businesses, all the products are hand-made (nothing is mass-produced) and none are tested on animals.