Offering free international calls with Skype support, Wi-Fi technology, wireless music player functions and remote controller features, the AiGuru S1 is a must-have for any true digital home. 

PhoneMag ImageWith
802.11b+g support, the AiGuru S1 enables Skype calls without wire
constraints, meaning users are free to roam around their homes while
chatting. Unlike conventional wireless
Skype phones based on Bluetooth technology, the AiGuru S1 provides
superior wireless signal quality and larger signal coverage. It doesn’t
matter where the computer is located, users of the AiGuru S1 is no
longer tied down next to their PCs or notebooks.

The AiGure S1 comes equipped with a high-quality speaker that turns it
into an MP3 player. Access and stream songs stored in the PC via Wi-Fi
connection for wireless music enjoyment. It also includes remote
controller functions and Microsoft Media Player support, allowing users
to manage music library, and play, stop, pause and skip songs without
being right next to the computer.

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