Life on the road is about to get easier for business travelers who are not content to check their luggage for short trips, yet face a sweeping ban on liquid products in carry-on baggage.

Still want to fly with just carry-on luggage, but don’t know what to do about taking your toiletries?

Here’s an interesting new business idea. lets you pre-order trial sizes of water-based toiletries and other travel amenities.

Give them your travel date and the hotel where you’re staying, and delivers a personalized travel kit ahead of time, waiting for you to get there.

Michael J. Miller, founder of the business says, “Fliers who never would have checked a bag for a short trip now find themselves either adding considerably to their time spent at the airport, or scrambling around in a strange city trying to find the personal care products they use every day.â€?

Editor note: A recent relaxation of the liquid ban could affect this business concept.

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