Two Minute Commute:

A lot of times, our client’s perception of a business run from home is inferior compared to a business run in a usual office. An office setting provides them the credibility they are looking for in a business.

One dead giveaway that people know its a home office is through the background noise. When your client calls your home office, do they hear..dogs barking? TV playing? Kids yelling?

To sound more professional on the phone, home businesses have started playing a unique CD in the background. It’s called Thriving Office and it’s filled with the sounds people expect to hear from a successful business, such as background conversations, phones, computers and file drawers. One track is “Busy” and the other is “Very Busy”.

Bill Freund was trying to start a business in his home. Since he had worked at a big company, he knew how different the background in his home sounded. Although he developed the product for himself, when he saw how effective it was, he started selling it to other home businesses.

Freund offers the CD for around $13 and you can download the office sounds for just $6. Some home businesses even play the CD when they’re off the phone, reporting that it increases their productivity.

Photo by cinezi.

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