The Wall Street Journal Online:

So you have a successful small business. What happens when it receives that lightning bolt of publicity that many covet but few ever receive? More important: How do you make sure you don’t blow it?

Few small-business owners are ready for the flood of calls and customers that can arrive in the wake of national media attention. How a company handles itself in the spotlight is crucial.

But just as important is the need to quickly ramp up production or service in order to meet the predictable surge in demand that follows. Indeed, it’s often what a company does to capitalize on its publicity that determines whether a business grows from obscurity to prominence.

Having a growth plan in place when publicity hits is essential for small-business owners, experts say, as is having capital available to finance and maintain increased inventory when demand surges.

If you want your company to be ready when that call comes, the best tip is to build a scalable infrastructure for your business.

Photo by cruadinx.