The Entrepreneurial Mind:

Homestead Technologies (Provides easy-to-use, web site creation software, ecommerce solutions and online marketing products and services.) commissioned a study on home-based businesses and found the following as their list of “hot” opportunities that can be run from home:

1. E-Learning: With advances in new web application tools such as podcasts and video blogs, development costs will decrease.

2. E-Bay Aftermarket: Helping companies conduct market research, pricing strategies, shipping, and competitive analysis is a great niche business.

3. Children Arts Education: There is a major market for teachers of right-brained education who are thought to help foster the development of future innovators.

4. Garage Organizers: Just as organizing closets was the next big thing in the 80’s, the messy garage is the final space to clean up.

5. Background Checks: Small businesses with limited resources are turning to background check companies to handle investigation and due diligence.

For five more opportunities go here.

Photo by nisa_rk.

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