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According to Start Up Journal here’s what CiCi’s Franchisee Randi Papporello of Des Moines, IA does to keep people marching through her doors.

  • Newspaper inserts (coupons & specials – $2,300)
  • Ads on Hispanic radio stations ($300 per month = 50 spots per week and a live remote. Main stream radio would cost $300 just for the live remote.)
  • Church bulletins at large churches ($200 per quarter)
  • Live advertising (employee shaking a sign at a busy intersection nearby)
  • School nights where they donate 10% of the sales to the sponsoring school
  • Donated pizzas for charity events in exchange for mentioning them
  • Free meals for coaches who bring their team, youth ministers who bring their youth group, bus drivers who bring a bus load, etc.
  • She also advises seeking to plug into ethnic markets and seniors who are missed by most marketing campaigns.
  • Be a big part of the community.

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