The success of the brand Lilica Ripilica
lilicaripilica.jpglaunched in 1991 has contributed for its rapid expansion, especially in the multi-brand shops. The romantic, fun and very colorful style of the clothes attracted the public attention.

The creation of the franchised shops in 2000 was only a consequence of the great success of its products and it is a way to create an exclusive distribution channel.

Nowadays there are 110 franchised shops in the biggest shopping centers and in some addresses where fashion has a major appeal. The brand follows tendencies worldwide, but also dictates fashion overseas.

With the international expansion plan, Lilica Ripilica is in countries such as Lebanon, Portugal, Colombia, Peru and Italy. And much more of them are to come. In September, a new franchised shop was opened in Milan – beside the most famous brands of haute couture in Via della Spiga. In November Guatemala and Mexico will also have the colorful world of Lilica.