Mercury News:

Juggling appointments can be tough enough for a busy startup founder, but that isn’t stopping a growing number from a more extreme balancing act: launching a second company and sometimes a third while still working on their first.

Take Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson of the popular online news-ranking site Digg, who last month announced that they are barreling forward with a second company called Revision3, an Internet television network that produces its own content.

But Rose, who founded Digg, and Adelson, who joined Rose soon after as CEO, are unusual only in going public about their multitasking. The reality is that cheap startup costs, the insatiable appetite of investors for hot Internet companies, and an unpredictable market that encourages entrepreneurs to hedge their bets is creating a spate of what might best be called “hyperentrepreneurs.”

The good news for hyperentrepreneurs: that second challenge sometimes proves the better bet. Though Evan Williams slaved over Pyra, Blogger, developed as “a side project, a trivial thing,” wound up the catalyst to an outcome for which most entrepeneurs long. Google bought it.

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