Arizona Republic:

Peter Blake established Rest Assured to deliver and install waterbeds in Denver in the mid-1970s. He kept one truck when he moved back to Phoenix, and when a friend in the antiques business asked if he could deliver a piece of furniture, Blake safely delivered the valuable piece. Word spread, and soon Blake was working with a network of dealers and designers.

Rest Assured specializes in fine art and furniture storage, delivery and installation. “It’s a real niche business,” Blake’s wife Lynn said. “We work in a kind of partnership with designers and with their clients,” she said. “So our staff all wear collared polo shirts when they go out on jobs, and white gloves to handle art and furniture.”

“When you tell people what you do, they just say, ‘Who knew?’ There’s just a kind of fun in talking with people,” she said. “Our clients are great people.”

Photo by Rest Assured.