No one can accuse Joseph Galli of having too much time on his hands. In his spare time, he started a new business.

Galli’s business, the Maine Homeowners Association, was born out of family discussions about the high price of heating oil. He refined the idea in his dorm room and this fall he’s rolling it out to the public on the Web.

The concept is simple enough. To join, a resident pays $60 and gains access to discounts and special offers from the 25 vendors Galli has recruited.

The idea originated from an oil buyers’ group organized for his family’s neighborhood. Oil dealers will sometimes offer a special price to homeowners in a neighborhood because it provides a concentration of customers and saves costs by consolidating delivery times.

Galli said he and his family talked about using the same type of approach for other services and products offered to homeowners.

Galli, who has a double major in business administration and public affairs, said he’s always loved business and has other ideas in mind.

The key, he said, has been to act when he hits on a promising venture.

“I think I know a good idea when I see one and I know a great opportunity when I see one,” Galli said.

Photo by nickpye.