Daily Herald:

With a billion dollars worth of equipment stolen from construction sites around the country each year, Dan Wolfe of Highland saw a need.

The DeWALT tool company purchased the idea from Wolfe two years ago and it’s now debuting on the market, Wolfe said. From a pencil box-shaped black plastic container it has evolved into a sleek, hand-sized model called MobileLock.

Though the device was designed to prevent theft and vandalism at construction sites, it can be used for a variety of other purposes, Wolfe said.

“A billion dollars worth of materials and equipment are stolen from construction sites each year,” he said. “I saw the need because I was in the business,” Wolfe said.

The MobileLock is a box that contains a GPS unit, cell phone and several infrared sensors to detect motion. It can be programmed from a cell phone or computer with definite times and sensors to recognize an intrusion.

Photo by DeWalt.

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