Catch a Gideon:

Adnan Aziz was watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and was struck by the scene where the kids licked wallpaper that tasted like fruit. “I thought maybe you could actually do that,â€? says Aziz.

Turns out you can.

His company, First Flavor, developed the technology to manufacture small soluble flavor strips and filed a patent in 2005. Advertisers will soon be able to offer prospective customers sample sachets for products like flavored vodka, soda, and candy.

Aziz’s concept is similar to perfume ads in magazines but his strips can also reach consumers via direct mail and point-of-sale dispensers. Also, Aziz expects some manufacturers to affix Peel ‘n Tasteâ„¢ packets directly to their packaging to cross-promote products and brands.

First Flavor is in talks with a number of consumer products companies and the first wave of strips could hit the market by January, 2007.

Photo by Warner Home Video.