San Francisco Chronicle:

Fourteen percent of the nation’s population — nearly 40 million people — changed addresses last year, according to the Census Bureau. But as nearly of all them can attest, moving out of a house is one thing and moving into one is something else entirely.

Johanna Luther of Family Packers, an Oakland mother-daughter team that specializes in move-in services, calls it “the forgotten aspect of moving from one residence to another.”

“Very often, people put all their energies into closure at the old place,” Luther said. “But they forget they’ve got at least an equal amount of work waiting for them at the other end.”

One way to avoid the strain is to hire someone like Luther. For a fee, they’ll do it all. Well, not all. They don’t handle the actual move. But they’ll make you mover-ready at one end and unpack at the other end.

They’ll put everything away where it belongs, set up the kitchen and bedrooms, and even remove all the packing debris. “When we leave,” said Luther, “the home is move-in ready. The beds are made. The linens are in the closets. We’ll even hook up the computer.”

Photo by Deanne Fitzmaurice.